Welcome to La Tene Maps

La Tene Maps is a knowledge based company based in Dublin, Ireland specialising in the research and production of maps, educational posters and associated data products. The company works mainly in areas which are constantly changing and particularly in the fields of Aquaculture, Fisheries, Oil and Gas Exploration, Renewable Energy, Energy/Power Generation, Marine Environment and Leisure Subjects. We produce and publish a range of maps and posters for clients and ourselves. The company has a whole series of maps covering many parts of the world

The company is also involved in production of confidential maps and graphics for clients and also sells a small range of maps and posters produced by itself and other companies through its secure online store.

The company's research arm is active in its own right and participates in EU research projects as well as research projects for Government departments, state bodies and private companies.

Our new website is under construction but generally operational. It should be fully functional by January 2015  See www.latenemaps.com


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